Sylvia Hanna

Charge Brachytherapist Olivia Newton-John Cancer & Wellness Centre

The aim of this planning study is to compare the quality of brachytherapy plans produced with and without HRCTV and OAR volumes using dose volume histogram (DVH) parameters for HR-CTV coverage and OAR tolerances of the plans. Ten consecutive patients, treated at a single institution, with HDRBT with adaptive MRI planning for cervical cancer were included in this study. Prior to HR-CTV and OAR contours being drawn, an experienced brachytherapist produced a treatment plan, visually optimizing dose to the cervix and uterus on the MR images whilst avoid dose to the relevant OAR. A HR-CTV was then contoured by a radiation oncologist and the OAR by brachytherapist and a second plan was generated to cover HR-CTV whilst maintaining OAR constraints. The two sets of plans were compared based on DVH parameters for HR-CTV coverage and dose to OAR.

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