Lyndal Newmarch
Royal Adelaide Hospital
Senior Radiation Therapist

Evangelos (Angelo) Katsilis
Senior Radiation Therapist
Royal adelaide hospital

2017 has seen a lot of change for Brachytherapy at the Royal Adelaide Hospital Radiation Oncology Department.

Working in a multidisciplinary team with a range of both diverse and complex treatment techniques brings about its own demands and add to that a new hospital and a change in vendors???

Our experience highlighting the highs, the lows, where we started from and where we are at now and what may come will be discussed.

This is our journey so far from inception through acceptance and implementation.

With a review of the old and new facilities, challenges faced with staff and learning, and the new equipment it has been a very successful transition.


Changes to the physical workspace including theatre room design and size, departmental layout and structure, and location of our department within the hospital have meant rethinking many of our treatment routines and processes.


With the multidisciplinary team consisting of Radiation Therapists, Physicists, Radiation Oncologists, Nurses, Administration, Management, Anaesthetics, Engineering has meant:

1. Involving specifying the department's objectives, developing policies and plans designed to achieve these objectives, and then allocating resources to implement the plans was required.

2. Communication with employees to inform the team of change has been vital

3. Goal setting with the team was necessary to promote productivity and meet goals and deadlines

4. Encouragement was required to strive for performance improvement

5. Expectations needed to be clearly defined to be able to allocate responsibilities


With all new equipment including TCS – treatment console operation, TPS – treatment planning system, workflow, user interface, treatment accessories such as transfer tubes, applicators, QA equipment, catheters, templates the changes have been limitless.

From training to implementation many obstacles have been discovered and overcome.

Hence since the move numerous new protocols and procedural frameworks have been implemented to assist in making the daily working of such a complex environment flow seamlessly to provide our patients with the optimal treatment and care and staff with a safe and effective work environment.

This has been vital to the success of the changes of 2017 due to the non-static nature of the Brachytherapy department especially in a year with so many changes.

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