Ryan Smith
Alfred Health Radiation Oncology
Senior Medical Physicist

Brachytherapy treatment verification has progressed significantly in the past few years with advances in in-vivo dosimetry (IVD) detector technology and the development of source tracking using flat panel detectors. These advances in IVD detectors have enabled treatment verification to progress from integral dose measurements to time resolved measurements. Additional to verifying dose (or dose rate) at one or multiple points, it has been shown that time resolved IVD systems are capable of tracking and verifying the source position in real time. Treatment verification continues to be a key topic in the brachytherapy community and this is reflected by the large attendance at a recent treatment verification meeting held during the 1st ESTRO Physics Workshop. This follows two previous workshops (Brachytherapy World Congress 2016, Brussels 2014) dedicated to treatment verification in brachytherapy. The workshop provided a forum for research groups to report recent advances, offer networking opportunities and to further press vendors to provide the necessary tools to enable widespread implementation of treatment verification. The aim of this presentation is to provide an overview of the current status of treatment verification for brachytherapy while also reporting from the 1st ESTRO Physics Workshop.

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