Bradley Pieters
Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Head of the Brachytherapy department

Prostate cancer incidence is continuously increasing. Randomized trials have shown that for early-stage disease there is no difference in overall survival between active treatment and active surveillance. However, at least 10% of patients on active surveillance will receive active treatment in the course of follow-up. Patients with early stage significant disease would be candidate for partial prostate treatment. The advantage of partial treatments is that the dose on organs at risk will be limited with probable reduced risk on late effects. Previous studies with HIFU, cryotherapy, etc have shown the feasibility of partial prostate treatments. There is sparse data on using brachytherapy for partial treatments. GEC-ESTRO and the AMC are launching the POWER trial (Randomized trial for the evaluation of erectile dysfunction after whole or partial gland prostate brachytherapy) to investigate and test the superiority of hemigland treatment to reduce erectile dysfunction.

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